New Acquisitions

… I really do not need more patterns. But you see there was this sale over at McCalls’s and, well, what can I say … I succumbed. .

Here are the latest members of my pattern collection:


Butterick calls it a  “Lifestyle Wardrobe”. Why did it appeal to me: I can picture parts of this combination as a good 40ies-style basic wardrobe: I want to lengthen the skirt to 2 inches below the knee and make a suit of the skirt and the short jacket (light wool fabric). The long jacket I want to make from some matching knit, it reminds me of those long  “Hollywood” cardigans of the 40ies. I don’t think I’ll be making those pants, though, they are too modern for me. But to complete the collection I could add a pair of 4oies pants and a sweater, maybe from the same knit as the long jacket.


Please ignore the very bad 80ies-style picture on this pattern envelope. I intend to make the longer Jacket with the gathered sleeves (the mustard coloured one on the picture). I like the darts and the sleeve, to me they just says 1940ies.


Your basic shirt-blouse. This is a “MADE-FOR-YOU” pattern with different front pattern pieces for different cup sizes. There is nothing “modern” or “vintage ” about this pattern, I just think that this could well become one of my tried and trusted patterns as it is easily adaptaple with the princess seams and a lot of detailing can be added to make it versatile.


Well, ok, this is not exactly a vintage style pattern and I am also not sure if this is a flattering style for me. But I wanted to have one of those wrap dresses forever and I am just going to give it a try. In any case my dress is going to be longer and I intend to add a mild flare to the skirt.


“The Perfect Shirtdress” – as titled by McCall’s. I intend to develop my basic dress pattern out of this. There are millions of variation possibilities.


How many more jacket patterns do I need? I have no idea. This one is certainly not a “basic” piece, but I like the views with the collar and I can imagine this as the top part of a 40ies costume.


Romantic nightwear. I can run riot with ruffles, lace and decorative stitching here and it is going to use up LOTS of fabric.


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