My Lanvin knockoff is finished

That was my inspiration: a gorgeous suit by Jeanne Lanvin from the 1940ies.

And this is my interpretation:

The basic pattern for the jacket is from my beloved Ottobre woman 02/2006 in size46. For this special project I added some 2″ length to the jacket. The skirt is a vintage Butterick pattern, probably from the late 40ies.

The basic garments were made with my standard sewing methods only the pockets have been constructed using real couture techniques.

They are worked entirely by hand. I copied the pattern for the pieces from the photo of the Lanvin suit and transferred it to the fabric with chalk and thread tracing. Each of the little flaps is constructed separately, following the method for patch pockets as taught by Claire Shaeffer in her couture workshops. The topstitching was done by machine. Then I joined the flaps to the basic pocket using tiny slip stitches, sewed on the buttons and lined the complete pocket as one piece. The finished pocket was attached to the jacket by hand with slip stitches.

Time used for cutting/sewing:

skirt: approx. 3 hours, basic jacket: approx. 6 hours, pockets: approx. 12 hours

fabric: slightly stretchy wool-polyester blend from Buttinette


4 Responses to “My Lanvin knockoff is finished”

  1. Ola Says:

    Amazing work, BRAVO!

  2. Sue Says:

    Wow, truly a labour of love. It’s lovely.

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