Mad Men-itis – it’s catching!

What’s new here in Germany, is long since established in the US, of course. “Mad Men” has been running for a while in the States and I get the impression that a vintage wave is rolling all over fashion. I spied quite a few allusions to the styles of the 50ies and 60ies when checking out the fall collections of the designers and the prices for 60ies patterns have gone up at e-bay.

Well “Mad Men” finally hit German free TV. I saw the first 2 episodes and  have to confess that I am infected. Not that I will switch to 60ies styles, I’m a 40ies girl and always will be, but there are a few stunning outfits in these 2 episodes of “Mad Men” which are really inspiring.  My “MAKE THIS – NOW!” bell is ringing loudly.

Look at Betty Drapers outfits:

This beautiful dress is only shown very briefly in the 2nd episode. It has a super-flared skirt and later she is wearing a tiny dark blue jacket over it, closed up to the neck so that only the bow of the dress is showing – adorable! I tried to get a screenshot out of the video file, but I am too dumb for that, sorry.

And this skirt and blouse combination is just gorgeous, isn’t it? What a waste to wear it in the kitchen!

I just love the skirt and I really, really, really want one of those flared things. Like now. Oh dear, and there are already two dress projects in the pipeline! I need more time!

BTW that’s the episode where Betty wants to go see a psychiatrist about her depression and her macho git beloved  husband Don tells her that psychiatrists are only for people who are unhappy. According to Don she has everything, so there’s no reason to be unhappy. Oh boy am I glad that I’m living today!


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