5 White Shirts – when is a shirt a shirt?

After re-reading my original post with the patterns I am planning to make for the “Great White Shirt” sew along, I realized, that 3 of my 5 patterns were not actually shirts in the true sense of the meaning, but blouses. So, what makes a shirt a shirt? There are probably exact definitions out there as to the differences between a shirt and a blouse, however, since the whole project is supposed to be fun, I am not going to be too fussy about proper defintions and make my own rule 😉  : The pattern should have a “shirty” collar (banded or fold over).

And since I have loads of patterns I want to make, I have not problem switching around a little bit to get some “shirtier” pieces.

The first two of the original storyboad will remain:

1.McCall’s M6035

New pattern – I am planning to use this as my basic shirt pattern in the future

2. Wearing History “Smooth Sailing” blouse:

I already made it once, the fit has to be optimized (larger sleeves) then it could become a good basic pattern for a 40ies blouse.,

And those are my new picks:

3. Knot Shirt from Burda WOF 08/2007

Made it once, fit has to be adjusted slightly

4. Pintuck shirt from Burda WOF 08/2007

New pattern, has to begraded up 2 sizes.

5. Western shirt from Burda WOF 02/2010

New pattern. In fact, I am still hunting down the magazine at ebay. But I could also borrow it from a friend to copy the pattern. I am curious, how this intersting yoke is going to turn out.


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  1. Robin Says:

    Those are some good looking patterns. I am starting my first shirt this weekend, just a very basic shirt pattern.

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