My first Featherweight project

… is also going to be the last for some time 😦
Some weeks ago I purchased this beautiful Singer Featherweight at ebay UK. Ever since it has been sitting on my sewing desk, attracting my admiring glances, but I never found the time to actually break it in. Of course I did a short test run when it arrived and everything seemed to be in fine working condition.

But since I have not bought it for decorative reasons and actually want to use it, I finally picked myself up and started the first white shirt of my sewalong plan on the Featherweight.

My standard flow of work with shirts and blouses is like that:

Pin togehter all darts and seams which can be sewn without serging in between and sew them in one go (all darts, side seams, sleeve seams, yoke and shoulder seams, collar). Move on to the serger, iron, and back to the sewing machine for the second round (setting in the sleeves, making the hems, attach collar, pockets and facing. If I have a pattern with cuffs, I make these at the very beginning, before joining the sleeve seams. This method works perfectly for me, it is very fast and efficient.

So, back to the Featherweight: Round 1 of the “Wearing History” blouse went perfectly, the Featherweight was purring like a kitten and made very beautiful perfect seams. I was ecstatic, because it was so much fun to use the machine.

While I serging all those beautiful seams, the Featherweight suddenly started to run on it’s own at full speed and couldn’t be persuaded to stop. I had to pull the plug and that was that.

My personal Prince Charming tested the cables and the plugs and found that the foot controller is broken. There is one part, controlling the speed of the machine which seems to be the reason.
I am soooo disappointed because I was really looking forward to finishing my first “real vintage” sewing project.

I found somebody from the US dealing with Featherweight spare parts and orderd a replacement controller, so hopefully I will be able to use the machine again. Well, it’s probably the same as with vintage cars. The purchase price is only the beginning of a long row of investments 😉 .


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  1. Lauren Says:

    Oh no!!! I hope that you can fix it 😦
    My husband has one and it’s really cute and makes great buttonholes with the buttonhole attachment. I get him to do my buttonholes 😉

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