Sewing Plans for the weekend

Hooray, my long weekend is about to arrive and I am going to have 1 1/2 days worth of time for sewing! And this is what I plan to make

– Finish the first white sewalong-shirt (Wearing History Smooth Sailing)

– Finish my green Chanel jacket. There is only lots of handstitching left, which I can do while watching TV.

– Sew this MadMen-Style skirt (from grey-blue wool):

Its a pattern from the October issue of burda style and is part of a series called “the looks of the 30ies”. To me it’s more 40ies/50ies, but let’s not split hairs about the period. Vintage is in. Obviously 😉 .

The same pattern series also contains a nice pair of trousers which I want to try some day soon. I am really glad that highwaisted trousers are back again. Those skimpy things which wouldn’t even reach your hips were just awful.

– If there is still time left I want to at least cut the second white shirt (McCalls M6035). I have a soft off-white wool flanell for that one and it is going to look just great with the above skirt. Let’s see, how far I’ll get.


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  1. Susan - KnittersDelight Says:

    That’s a lot of sewing in 1 1/2 days. Enjoy!

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