Another companion for the white shirts

Model No. 105 from burda style 10/2010

Pattern Description

Pleated skirt with front button closure

Pattern Sizing

European sizes 36 to 44 are in the magazine

I graded size 44 up by 2 sizes

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope after sewing it?

Yes, although my pleaats are hanging straighter than Burda’s šŸ˜€ . I actually thread-traced the foldlines, something I rarely do, but I wanted to play it safe and get really crisp straight pleats .

Were the instructions easy to follow?

Yes. Burda sometimes has a very complicated and awkward way of describing things – at least in the German issue. But the skirt was not difficult to make and the instructions were easy to understand this time.Ā 

How is the fit of the finished garment?

The skirt was too wide, even though I would have needed size 48 according to Burdas sizing tables. Again, again, again and again the same thing, each and every garment I make is too large at the first fitting session. Maybe I am overestimating my fatness šŸ˜‰ . Anyhow, fitting was easy: I took in the side seams a little bit and let the front parts overlap a little bit more – done. Burda patterns come without seam allowance, and I just made a note not to add additional seam allowance when cutting the skirt next time, that should be about precisely what I had to take in this time.



  • The finish without a waistband adds interesting detail
  • The high waist is slimming
  • Versatile pattern: Made from fine wool, like I did here,Ā  it is a perfect business skirt, but I can also imagine a more casual version, perhaps made from denim or corduroy
  • Suitable for a modern look as well as for vintage styles.
  • I just love the look of this skirt, it is so neat and chic. Feminine but not frisky.


  • absolutely nothing

Fabric used

A medium weight blue-grey wool.

Pattern alterations or design changes

I added more beltloops. The pattern called for 4, but I made eight, one over each pleat. I just looks neater to me.

At the waistline, I made 3 buttonholes instead of one and sewed on a smaller version of the buttons which close the skirt down the center front. I was worried, that the skirt might gape over the belly when sitting down, and I also like the look.

Would I sew it again? Would I recommend it to others?

Sew again: Yes, yes, yes! I am very happy with this skirt, I want more!

Recommend: Yes, absolutely. It is a good pattern for beginners with some experience, it is easy to make and easy to fit.


  • Time for sewing: approx. 4 hours
  • Cost:
    fabric: 5 Euro (Dutch fabric market)
    buttons: a few cents, the came from a large e-bay lot
    bias binding for the seam and the waist facing, scraps of interfacing for the waisband, yarn and misc. : approx 3 Euro. I mostly buy this stuff in bulk at ebay, it’s a lot cheaper than buying notions for each project indi vidually.

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