Sewing plans for the weekend

My PPC (Personal Prince Charming) is going to be out of the house which means that, apart from a few household chores, I’ll have three wonderful days of sewing – yeah!

And here’s the plan

  1. Finish – REALLY finish the Chanel jacket. Yeah, I know, I wanted to do this last week and I did. Until I decided that it looked drab and started to add beading to the trims to spruce it up. This will take a few more hours.
  2. Finish White Shirt No. 2:  View D of M6035
  3. All the pieces are cut, the collar is finished. At the moment I am struggling with the drawstring sleeve. The drawstrings made according to the pattern piece are too bulky, I need to think of a different solution here.

  4. Sew a black skirt. I’ll probably use a Butterick pattern from the 50ies, which I also used to make the skirt for the “Lanvin” suit. It’s easy to make and to fit and I really, really, really need a black skirt. Or two. Or five.
  5. Make a “wearable muslin” for shirtdress M 6116.

    For the first trial I am going to use a plain fabric. I have some light grey cotton flanell which could be good. Or perhaps there’s enough of the grey blue wool of the Burda skirt left. Or maybe a light pink corduroy? I’ll just see which fancy strikes me 😉 . Probably it’s going to be a mix of the white and the red dress: overknee length with collar and the rolled up sleeves. If the trial turns out well this will become one of my basic patterns I can play around with: different collars/necklines, different sleeve, add a yoke, make a wider skirt … you name it.

3 Responses to “Sewing plans for the weekend”

  1. Sue Says:

    I like that pattern you chose for your white shirt and wondered how the sleeve ruching would go. I hope you find a solution.

    • sewvintage Says:

      At the moment I am thinking of making a “fixed” gather, using a tape on the inside and attaching it permanently and then make a fake bow at the hem. I still have enough fabric to cut another pair of sleeves if I botch it.

  2. Lizzytish Says:

    Oh, you’re “sew” lucky….free time to sew. Your projects look wonderful. Have fun!

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