Come along, Winter!

Originally, I wanted to make another skirt on the weekend, trying out this underlining technique described on Pattern Review. However, we had a very chilly Friday morning here and I wanted to make something cozy.

Pattern: a 40ies swing coat pattern I copied from a good friend. Unfortunately I did not copy the envelope picture, so I don’t know the pattern number and company any more, but it’s 40ies, that much I remember.

The fabric is a sort of boiled wool jersey which has been lying around a while in my stash and a scrap piece of plaid wool. I always wanted to make a skirt from the plaid, but it was only 1 meter and with the size of the plaids I never would have gotten matching pieces out of it anyway.

I couldn’t find any fitting buttons in my collection, so I covered large shank buttons with the wool.

And since I was so hooked on the underlining technique, I tried to do it with the jacket – it’s always a good idea to learn a new technique on a difficult piece 😉 .

It went surprisingly well. It’s certainly easier on pants and skirts where you only have lengthwise seams, for the jacket I had to close the shoulder seams and the collar seam by hand, but it really paid off. The result is a very lightweight, non-bulky but warm and snuggly winter coat.

Time for sewing: approx. 8 hours.


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