“Smooth Sailing” Winter Edition

Saturday night I had the idea to make a blouse from knit fabric and I knew I had the perfect knit lying around. Isn’t it a wonderful thing to have a large fabric stash? There was this very “vintage-y” mustard yellow ribbed wool knit which would be just perfect.

Unfortunately the fabric width was only 80 cm and I had to fiddle with positioning the pattern pieces. It only yielded sleeves with 3/4 length and wasn’t enough for the collar and facings, but I made those from a scrap piece from my White Shirt No. 2.

Pattern: Wearing History “Smooth Sailng” Bluse

Pattern: ribbed knit wool

Time for sewing: approx. 4 hours

I like the blouse very much, it is warm and comfortable and looks great to skirts AND pants and I think I want to make more vintage style knit tops. However, working with a a very stretchy fabric and a pattern designed for non-stretchy material has some pitfalls. The blouse was way too large at the first fitting. I took in 8 cm and it is still a loose fit. I thought about going down a size or even 2 if I want to make another knit piece, but I will have to be careful about the shoulder width in this case.


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