Another knit blouse

Because I am so happy with the yellow blouse and because I have finally found a great way to use up all the knit fabric in my stash, I made another knit version of Wearing History’s Smooth Sailing Blouse.

On the detail picture you can see the structure of the fabric. It is a firm but soft knit, probably cotton, with a light shimmer.

For the hem I tried something different: serge, fold up and stitch down the hem with the tricot stitch (the “3-stitch zigzag”). It is stretchable and looks nice.

And heres a picture on me. You can see that I am feeling a little bit better, but my nose is still clogged (and red).

I really want to post more pictures with my clothes on me, but I have to get used to seeing so many pictures of me as I don’t find myself particularly photogenic  😦 .


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  1. Louella Says:

    You are a gorgeous lady!!!!!

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