New inspiration for White Shirts

I love to look at vintage sewing patterns and I love to figure out if I can made something similar from my existing patterns. Of course it would also be cool to own all those patterns, but I am not a pattern collector so I leave them in the pool for the serious collectors 😉 .

Now look what I found:

Do you see the extra piece the lady in green is holding in her hand? This looks like it has the same buttonholes in the center front as the blouse, so it can be buttoned on optionally. How cool is that, I ask you?

I definitely will make something like that for my next white shirt.


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  1. White Shirt No. 3 « Couturette Says:

    […] but it is certainly not one of my best works. I am not going to make the originally planned detachable jabot for this one, but I will make another shirt from this pattern, with better fabric, better buttons […]

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