Dart to Yoke

So here’s my theoretical consideration how to make a yoke instead of a dart at the back of my 40ies jeans. -The practical test will follow shortly.

To create the yoke piece, I cut the back pattern piece where I want the yoke seam to be on the finished pants. The upper part will be converted into the yoke piece.The largest part of the back dart is within the yoke piece, in the lower leg part is only a tiny little triangle of the dart left. I folded it away and ignored it.

Then I folded away the dart in the upper pattern piece and redrew the piece to round out the resulting pointy edge. entstehen.

The shape which has been formed by the dart in the original pattern has now moved to the side seams. If I lay out both pattern pieces so that they touch in the center of the leg, there are gaps on both sides, this is the width of the former dart which will dissappear in the rounded yoke seam.

Well, theoretically this should work. Let’s see how the practical test will turn out.


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