New Project: 40ies Jeans

Since I now made the final decision “pro vintage” with regard to my style of dress, I need new jeans. A pity for the 4 pairs of modern jeans I made this summer, I don’t think that I’ll discard those right away, but I need at least one pair of vintage jeans for a start.

My friend Miriam who made loads of vintage jeans recommended Evadress 9016 as the basic pattern.

I am planning to make the following changes to make it more “jeansy”:

  1. Topstitched pockets in front. Most pictures of ladies 40ies jeans I have seen don’t have sewn-in but topstitched front pockets, not like the modern ones. This is an easy adaptation, I am just going to draw a pocket pattern, nothing has to be changed on the leg pattern pieces. I don’t think that I am going to make back pockets though. It’s hard to tell whether original 40ies jeans (for ladies) had them, in catalogs and magazines they are only ever shown from the front.
  2. I want to make a yoke at the back, and have to alter the pattern of the back leg piece a little bit for that.
  3. Closure will be on the side. I have seen zipper closures as well as buttoned ones, presently I tend to make a button closure.
  4. Fabric: dark blue denim and red topsstitching.

I already made the pattern alterations (see next post), so I can start my trial jeans right away.



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