40ies Jeans

Sometimes my theoretical musings turn out well inpractice. Yesterday I labored over a yoke adaptation to make a pair of 40ies Jeans from the Evadress 9016 pants and made some theoretical assumptions. And, oh wonder, my theory was right! I sewed the jeans yesterday and everything went really smoothly. I had to make the original pattern a little bit smaller around the waist but all in all, my new 40ies jeans are a very good fit and really comfortable.

Originally I wanted to make a button closure, but I was too lazy to bother with over- and underlap and lots of buttonholes, so I just put in a metal zipper and some hooks at the waistband.

The only thing I am not completely happy about is the topstitching. It looks very good on the outside, but on the inside the topstitching yarn made little loops. I played a bit with yarn tension but  didn’t find a setting that avoided the loops completely. Ah well, if somebody is in a position to see the little loops INSIDE my pants, he better have different things on his mind than the topstitching of my jeans anyway.

Patter: Evadress 9016

Time for sewing: approx. 5 hours


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