Burda Style 10/2010 – Blouse 118 A in knit

Knit. Again.

I am totally enchanted by knit tops at the moment, they are quick to make, comfy to wear and perfect for the winter. (You may ask, why I always make them short sleeved if they’re intended for winter? Our office is not air-conditioned and tends to be overheated during the winter months, 5 people, 5 computers pluse heating can get a bit warm sometimes so a bit of fresh aire on the arms is desirable.)

But somehow I always end up making knit tops from patterns which were not originally designed for elastic fabric. This one is Blouse 118A from Burda Style 10/2010 (the one with the smaller bow).

Pattern Description

Short-sleeve blouse with gathers at the front and a bow tie collar.

Pattern Sizing

European sizes 36 – 44 for non-elastic fabric. I made size  44 from elastic fabric.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope after sewing it?

Not exactly. The bow tie on the blouse in the magazine looks much smaller than mine even though I cut the collar exactly to the indicated measures. I like the larger bow tie, though.

Were the instructions easy to follow?

Um, no. Burda sometimes explains things too complicated and I often catch myself not bothering with the instructions at all. Like in this case. And obviously, the bow tie was supposed to be only attached on the back up to the shoulder seams but I sewed it on right to the front slit which I only understood this morning after having made the top and after having read the pattern review by Heather on SEWspicious Minds. Funny, she had quite similar problems.

How is the fit of the finished garment?

After a few alterations very good. I shortened the hem and took in the waist a few centimeters due to the stretchy fabric, but the sleeves and shoulder width are perfect.



  • an interesting, unusual top
  • easy and fast to sew.


  • the bow tie is too heavy and pulls down the slit in the center front. I think this is due to the weight of the heavy knit, the pattern just wasn’t designed for that sort of fabric and furthermore, had I followed the instructions
  • That the blouse has a slit in the center front can not be seen on the photo neither on the technical drawing in the magazine. This is one of my major points of criticism for Burda style: they often photograph the garments in a way that no details can be seen, the models slouching  or sitting down. It may have some artistical value but to make a decision whether to sew a garment or not, it’s not helpful.

Fabric used

Orange Polyester Knit from Stoffkontor. Looks nice but it is an electrostatical desaster. Therefore, the sweater will not have a long life expectancy in my closet. As a last resort I’ll soak it in fabric softener, if this isn’t helpting it’s “Adios, orange sweater!”

Pattern alterations or design changes

Hem shortened by 5 cm, Sleeves lengthened by 10 cm, Waistline taken in slightly; knit fabric instead of woven fabric.  

Would I sew it again? Would I recommend it to others?

Sew again: yes. I’ll make it from knit again and choose a fabric which is not shooting sparks 😉 .

Recommend: Yes. It’s easy to sew and looks nice, so make it!


  • Time for sewing: approx.  2 h
  • Fabric requriement/cost 1 meter of knit frabric, 150 cm width, approx.  4.50 Euro (Stoffkontor)

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  1. Louella Says:

    This pattern is also lovely in a knit as you proved. I hope to see you model it!

  2. sewvintage Says:

    Thanks. I will take some pictures over the holidays. It’s always nicer to see clothes on people than on dressforms.

  3. Burda Style 10/2010/118A « Couturette Says:

    […] My second go on this top is looking much better than the orange knit rag. […]

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