Burda Style January 2011

One of the topics: fabrics and patterns of the 40ies. When I read something like this I am skeptical, as what generally is viewed  as “typically 40ies” nowadays is sometimes really strange. But surprisingly there are a few patterns in the magazine that I really like.

My favourite it this dress in 2 variations:

And Burda wouldn’t Burda if they wouldn’t squeeze the maximum number of garments out of one pattern, therefore, the same thing shows up again, this time as a blouse. I was surprised that they didn’t present the long sleeved version of that as well 😉 . The advantage is: once you made fitting alterations, you can sew all three models quite quickly.

I also like that skirt, perhaps without the pointy edge:

And if I had kids one of them would surely dress up as a squid for carninival. Isn’t that an adorable look? Ok, it’s totally impractical but sooo cute!

The snake charmer outfit comes complete with a pattern for the snake. Funny.

I bought the magazine and the dresses and the blouse are on my “To-do-within-the-next-100-years” list. In the last months Burda style has suited my taste much better than before. I have not been buying any Burdas for 3 or 4 years because I didn’t like the syles, but recently I bought a lot of magazines and actually made the stuff. A good development. I basically grew up with Burda, I still have a lot of magazines from the 70ies and 80ies, when my Mum had a subscription and it was a little bit sad to abandon the magazine, but I just didn’t see the point in buying it when there was nothing inside that I liked.


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