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Happy NewYear to everybody! Keep on Sewing!

For most people, a new year starts with some resolutions and the same goes for me: I will introduce 2 new categories to my blog:


Inspired by fellow bloggers like  Andrea of  “The New Vintage Wardrobe” who just presented her “DYI-December” and Mena of “The Sew Weekly” who made a new dress every week in2010 I mix the 2 concepts: Every Monday I am going to present a new selfmade garment for my growing vintage wardrobe. Monday is the perfect day as I am usually sewing on the weekend and I also couldn’t resist the alliteration.

Fashion Friday

Fridays you will be treated to selected scans from my vintage German pattern magazines from the 1930ies to 1950ies, with a few excursions in later periods from time to time. I had a wonderful time browsing in them over Christmas. There are so many beautiful details and inspiration in these magazines that I have decided to share them with you and scan all my magazines in the course of 2011, also for conservation purposes, because they don’t get better by frequent handling, so I’ll touch them one last time for the scans.

4 times per year I get special fashion editons of the Spanish “Hola” magazine with the latesyt fashion (Haute Couture and RTW) and selected pictures will feature in “Friday Fasion Specails”.

So be sure to check in on Fridays for some fashion goodies.



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  1. Lauren Says:

    FUN! I can’t wait to see!

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