Brave little sewing machine

Hooray, my little Singer Featherweight is purring again.  My beloved Prince Charming fixed it over the holidays and I’ve been sewing with it for an entire week now and it’s been pure fun.

The Featherweight is a straightstitch machine and has only a round hole in the throatplate, not a large slit as the combination machines.



The fabric cannot be pulled down into the throatplate and is transported better by the feed dogs.

Therefore the Featherweight can make do with a much smaller presser foot.  The standard presser foot is tiny and narrow compared to the standard foot of my modern combination machines, you can see the needle position very precisely and it also wonderful for edgestitching.

In direct comparison you can see how much smaller the Featherweight presser foot is and the free view to the needle

On top of that it’s just plain fun to sew on a machine which is older than myself and in such good condition. I seriously doubt that any of our modern plastic encased high-tech sewing machines will be in such good shape in 60 or 70 years.


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