Fashion Friday No. 1

Uh … well … ok, it’s actually Fashion Saturday, sorry for the delay.

Because I am still on vacation and don’t have access to the super professional scanner in the office  I tried to take pictures with my camera, but the quality is not too good. Also, the pages will not lie flat and I can’t get rid of the reflection of the flash light. But I’ve decided to give you a little excerpt of the magazine Spring 1950, Schwabe “Der Neue Schnitt” all the same and replace the pictures as soon as I have good scans.

These are my 2 favorite pages from the magazine, look at the beautiful details on the skirts, the cool trinagular sleeve insets on the left blouse and the great “flap collar” on the  jacket on the second picture.

If you are into pattern making, perhaps you can use the schematics and technical drawings as an inspiration. Here are the skirts, the jacket and the blouse with the triangle-sleeves.

BTW, the two sentences below each model are all of the instructions you get. Back in those days, you were supposed to know the basics about sewing. And people probably did, because they learned at school.

And if you feel that it is complicated to trace a pattern in contemporary fashion magazines, take a look at this. Fun, huh?


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