Me-Made Monday No. 1

Two-piece dress, fall 1950

My first Me-Made Monday outfit is from a pattern magazine from 1950. It’s a two-piece dress, with a pull-over top with zipper and double-button closure. Lightly gathered at the waist and with separate peplum and patch pockets. The bodice is lined, peplum and skirt are unlined.

Doesn’t it look exactly like on the fashion drawing? Ok, I’ll have to work on my waistline, but otherwise … 😉 .

I chose this model because of the adorable details: the zipper and double buttonhole closure. You can use a double button like I did here, you can pull a tiny scarve through the holes or a band with pompoms or …

Today is my first working day of the new year. With this dress nothing can go wrong.

From a leftover piece a made a quick beret (which I am not going to wear to the office, though. I am going to introduce my colleagues gradually to my new vintage style).


from Schwabe “Der Neue Schnitt” Fall 1950


lightweight rust coloured wool  Tweed


approx. 25 Euro incl. notions and interfacing

Time for sewing:

approx. 20 hours incl. pattern tracing and muslin of the bodice


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  1. Sue Says:

    You’ve done a great job! Very stylish!

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