Me-Made Monday No. 2

It’s actually a Me-Made Sunday this time, because this is my new lounging suit.

Because I was so tired of hanging around in old sweatpants. My very good sewing buddy Taylor Maide made one of those suits and graciously allowed me to steal her idea.  The material is a heavy jersey knit (the stuff tracksuits were made of back in the 70ies) and I got it for a very low price, because it’s the kind of fabric that isn’t very appealing to most people. I think, this must also be the stuff Chanel used to make her first suits. She was the first to use jersey for outerwear as it had previosly only been used for undershirts etc.

I LOVE this fabric, it is very versatile and gives lots of room for creativity.

The suit is very comfy yet stylish and as you can see on the picture I am very happy with it. So much, in fact, that I have already started a second suit from a similar fabric in dark green – coming soon on Me-Made Monday.


Pants: pajama pants from an older Burda magazine. The same pattern shows up at least once a year in Burda. I made the legs a little bit more flared from the knees down.


Pattern No. 5 from der ottobre woman 5/2010. This was also a test of this pattern as I am planning to make a coat from it as well.

Costs: approx. 15 € incl. notions

time for sewing: approx. 6 hours


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