Me-Made Monday No.4

Corduroy Blouse and Skirt Combination

A mix of decades: 30ies bluse (Smooth Sailing by Wearing History,with alterations)5oies Skirt (my current favourite skirt pattern, a vintage 50ies from Butterick).

I changed the back darts of the blouse to a pleat in the center back, covered by a buckle. I repeated the buckle motif on the front and extended the sleeves to 3/4 lenght.

Now that I look at the picture, it sort of makes me look boring (and fat, alas!). You cannot really see the details, it is not THAT drab in reality. I am wearing it with green accessories: a scarf and earrings, but was to lazy to take another picture ;-).

The corduroy is very soft and warm and the outfit feels good when worn. About the fat part … well, everybody can see that I am not skinny anyway, so what the heck?


Blouse: Smooth Sailing by Wearing History

Skirt: my TNT 50ies skirt pattern


soft cotton corduroy from e-bay stoffgrosshandel-holland


approx. 25 Euro

Time for Sewing:

approx. 5 Stunden


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