Upcycled Button Storage

Others may be counting beams, I am counting buttons.  😉 .

Some months ago I bought a large – VERY large – lot of buttons at ebay. You can see pictures at my German blog pages. Everything is sorted very neatly in tiny little cardboard boxes, which is nice. But most of the boxes are only half full, so they takes up very much unneccesary storage space and I had to clear out 3 shelves under my cutting table to make room for my new treasures.

Last week however, I got loads of empty DVD boxes at my job. We are making our own DVD catalogues and we’ll be attending a large trade show in March – empty boxes galore! Perfect for my not so little button collection.

I removed the center mandrels and got nice stackable transparent storage boxes whith a little hole in the lid, which doesn’t bother me at all.

On the weekend I started to thread all my buttons onto strands of sturdy crochet yarn. I am so happy that they are already pre-sorted in all those little boxes! I then put them into the DVD boxes, sorted by colors. Sounds fast and easy, right? Wrong. On 2 looooong TV evenings I managed only a third of all the buttons – phew!

But I am proud of my shiny new containers:.

Neat, eh? The black ones will get a large cardboard box, those are simply to many for the DVD boxes.

I really like the look of my new new button containers and it’s true upcycling as the boxes would have been discarded otherwise. Go green, Baby!

And those are the remaining center mandrels … maybe they could be used for a nice yarn rack?


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