Horrockses meets IKEA

My fabric addiction has reached a sad new height: I am buying bedclothes for sewing dresses 😦 .

And I am having such a bad conscience over it, that I made the dress as fast as possible to make the bedsheets disappear from my fabric stash. Resist the beginnings! Even though it is still winter and I will not be able to wear the dress for quite some time.

Well actually I won’t make a habit out of sewing stuff from bedclothes, I just couldn’t resist the beautiful 40ies/50ies style pattern combination of IKEA’s HENNY CIRKEL, so,  here’s mybedsheet dress, inspired by the British Horrockses-Dresses:

Sewing went very fast and I even got a perfect collar corner at the shoulder seam.

For the hem I tried a technique described in “Threads”: Saw around the edge of the raw hem, iron it in so that the seam is on the inside, sew again, iron again, sew a third time and you’re done. It produces a nice narrow and relatively heavy rolled hem with one visible stitching line on the outside.

I was worried that the fabric might be too stiff for a dress, but after I threw it in the washing machine it is very soft and the dress is feeling very comfortable. It wrinkles a lot, but that’s to be expected from pure cotton.

Pattern: a vintage 1950ies Advance Pattern

Fabric: bedclothes HENNY CIRKEL from IKEA (The bodice is made from the pillow, the skirt from the sheets).

Total Cost: approx. 20 Euro

Time for sewing: approx. 3 hours, the pattern didn’t need any adaptation (rare luck).

Love my new summer outfit … but I guess I will not be seen shopping at IKEA in this dress 😉


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