Me-Made-Monday No. 6

And the Sew Weekly Stash Busting Challenge

Sorry for the pictures without me acutally wearing the stuff. I am pre-producing this post because I have to leave the house very early on Monday and I just know that I will not be in a mood for photo posing at 5 in the morning.

But you can bet that I will be wearing this outfit because it cost me the whole weekend and a few nerves to make it and I want to show off my new works.

I proudly present: my entry to the Sew Weekly Stash Busting Challenge.

The jacket was what I originally planned to make, from a German pattern magazine from the early 1950ies, the skirt is my TNT skirkt pattern, I added the button front to match the jacket.

Phew, I can tell you that this jacket was a tough project. I totally underestimated the complexity. As always in these old pattern magazines you get about 2 sentences of instructions which are not helpful at all, so I was completely on my own, construction-wise.

I intended to underline it, instead of making a bagged lining because of the split upper back, which was basically a good idea but I ran into a few dead ends, for example at the neckline. I ended up ripping a lot of seams and doing much more handstitching than anticipated. If I had to do it again, I would maybe stick to the underlining method, but make the facing separately, bind it witch bias band and stitch it down by hand as the last step.

I also think that the pockets were meant to be integrated in the side seams, but I felt that this would be too bulky for the heavy fabric so I made patch pockets instead.

Originally, I only planned to make the jacket, but there was just enough fabric  left for a quick skirt, although I had to do some piecing at the lining of the fabric. But the pattern is so “wild” that it is completely inconspicuous.

The skirt is completely underlined too and it is very soft and cozy. I am falling more and more in love with underlining, the effect is completely different to a separate lining and it is a fantastic feeling to wear an underlined skirt. They are pretty warm though and while I am craving for spring, I just hope that this Monday will not be too warm, as this is a real winter skirt. 😉

On the detail photo of the skirt’s underlining you can see that I just serged the inner waistband edge and stitched in the ditch from the outside. The fabric is real bulky and this saved me an additional layer in the waistband. If you have time and motivation to do it the couture way, you would of course finish the inner waistband with a bias binding instead of coarse serging 😀 .

And I used up many many buttons, yay! Some of the buttonholes are fake, for example on the upper back of the jacket only the uppermost one is really cut open and only the upper three on the skirt. But I stitched a buttonhole under each button so they would look like real working buttonholes.

All in all, this was a gigantic project to finish in one weekend and I actually worked until half past 2 on Saturday – phew! My household chores got terribly neglected this week, but when you’re in the flow, you’ve gotta make the the most of it.

So let’s see about my score for the Sew Weekly Challenge

  • 4 m fabric, 3 m lining = 35 points
  • Fabric older than 1 year:  10 points
  • Pattern in my posession for more than 1 year: 10 points
  • Jacket pattern never used before: 3 points
  • TOTAL 58 points

2 Responses to “Me-Made-Monday No. 6”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Wow!! That is brilliant! I can’t believe you made that whole suit in one weekend! You are wonder woman!
    Love the interior shot. What fun lining!
    That jacket is just so cool.

  2. sewvintage Says:

    Somehow I can’t believe it either. Must have been a mixture of stubbornness and greed to have the final product. I am not always THAT fast.

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