BurdaStyle: I just don’t get it

BurdaStyle is selling downloadable patterns on their website. Ok.

But: those are the patterns from the BurdaStyle magazine and they cost 5,40 Dollar PER PATTERN. Pardon?

Please, dear BurdaStyle people, can you explain it to me? Why should I pay so much for ONE pattern (which I have to print out at my own expense and painstakingly puzzle the pieces together afterwards) when I can have the whole magazine with ALL patterns for only a little bit more (or the same price if I wait a month or two and get it at ebay)?

I would understand it if they offered sizes which are not included in the magazine, like, for example something a bit larger than European 42 for the real cute things, but nope. They’re exactly the same patterns in exactly the same sizes as in the magazine. Or if they would charge, let’s say, 1,50 per pattern. Often there is really only one pattern in the magazine that really interests me and I wouldn’t have to buy the whole magazine then. But 5 bucks and 40 cents?

I wonder if people are really buying those …


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  1. Hatty Says:

    Yes, people buy them because some people just sew two garments a year and the downloadables from Burda Style are cheaper, much cheaper than Big Four patterns for occasional sewers who are not keeping their eyes peeled for internet sales or any kind of sales. So a subscription is not worth it for many.

    Also, not everyone lives in the USA. There is a whole big world out there – another 196 countrues in fact! If I do buy them, I have to pay 16 dollars delivery for Big Four patterns. So even if they are selling at 2.99, Burda downloads are a whole ton cheaper (and better styles, mostly, IMO). I was very happy to discover Burda in all its forms.

    • sewvintage Says:

      Well, actually I don’t live in the USA myself. I am from Germany, Burda’s homecountry.
      You are right, that their patterns are not as pricey as BMVs if you don’t go for the sales and if you’re really not sewing much, it might be worth it.
      Since I am sewing obsessivly, it never occured to me to look at it that way – sometimes it’s hard to look beyond one’s own point of view 😉 .

  2. birdmommy Says:

    And the flip side of this is that in some places (like Canada, where I am), the magazine is quite expensive, so for 1 or 2 patterns the cost of the download isn’t unreasonable.

    I agree with you that it would be nice if they offered the downloads in ‘extra’ sizes. Of course, I’d also be happy if they had size as a search option.

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