Me-Made-Monday No. 7

We had snow today. SNOW. Please!

Anyhow, the good thing is that I get to wear my lovely wool things a bit longer.

Jacket is a vintage pattern in the style of the Pendletons 49er-Jackets, fabric is vintage wool.

The pants are from my TNT pants pattern from a German pattern magazine. Wide pants with a pleat in the front, 3 darts in the back and a fitted waistband. Fabric is green wool flanell, very soft and cozy.

And here’s the promised picture of me wearing the fluffy 50ies suit I made last week. And brand new shoes from Modcloth. Love them. They’re really high but comfortable.


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  1. Lauren Says:

    Fabulous outfits!! I especially love the first one. Your hair looks great, too!

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