Aloha ‘Oe

On top of sewing bags I did another fun thing at the weekend that was completely unrelated to sewing: I am finally learning to play the Ukulele.

We have a Ukulele hanging on our living room wall for a few years now as my dear Inhouse Prince is collecting musical instruments. I always thought it would be sooo cool if I could play it but somehow I never really got started. On the weekend the guitarplayer of our band and his wife came over for dinner and after some wine .. ok a lot of wine … I announced that I want to learn to play the Ukulele. He immediately took it down and tuned it for me, so I’m all set and have no more excuses now!

Sunday I looked up the chords on the internet and it’s really easy to strum a few chords  and so much fun! And the tiny little instrument doesn’t take up much space so I can take it with me every week to Switzerland, where I work from Monday to Thursday. No my lonely Swiss nights will be filled with Hawaiian music, isn’t it cool?

E pili mau nā pōmaikaʻi me ʻoe!



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