Little Leo

My last finished project before our vacation.

After an hour of practising on the ukulele last night my fingers hurt so much that I fell back on my major passtime: sewing. From leftover scraps of my Fashionista project I made a little cosmetic bag, the pattern is from one of the Tilda Books. I had to piece the lining as there where only tiny little scraps left but I wanted it to match the lining of the large bag.

And once again I had a fierce fight with the stiff interfacing, but this time I won. It was no fun to sew but I HAD the interfaced fabric, wanted to use it and I can be very stubborn, so I managed in the end.

I ended up sewing in the lining by hand because it kept slipping out under the presser foot and I couldn’t get any pins through the interfacing. Furthermore the seams are all a bit lopsided, sewing with stiff interfacing just isn’t my thing AT ALL.

Anyhow, here is the finished mini wildcat. It’s hoping to get a bigger sister soon.

From the outside the bag looks super tiny but I can easily put in a powderbox, lipstick, handbalm, blistex, a mini brush, a little jar of aspirin and some “femal hygienic products”. So it’s obviously bigger on the inside than on the outside – magic!

Sloppy craftsmenship and misbehaving interfacing aside I really like the little bag and I think I am going to make another one without the stiff interfacing, using some soft fleece padding instead. Making it is quick and not difficult at all if the fabric is cooperative and it would also make a nice gift.


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