Me-Made-Monday No. 8

… OK, I’m cheating a bit here. I pre-produced this post because while you are reading this I am sitting in a plane to Thailand for a few days of well deserved vacation. The temperatures in Bangkok are tropical so this outfit will be worn one of those days. I am looking a bit grumpy on the picture as I’ve just finished packing and this always stresses me out.

The pants are made from my TNT pants pattern from a lightweight crepe. The blouse I made after I found those cute gingham wedgies – they were practically screaming for a matching piece of clothing. The shoes and blouse will also look good with a white skirt (if I had one).

Blouse: Modell 117 from  Burdastyle 02/2010

Pants: Modell 11 from Sabrina Woman S 1536 (German pattern magazine). I love this pattern and made quite a few pants from it. On the back it has 3 darts and a pleat in the front. The technical drawing from the mag looks awful, they really should hire a pro for that, but the patterns are quite good.


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  1. Debi Says:

    LOVELY outfit! Wow…Thailand…have a fantastic time (get some sunshine for me 🙂

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