Slow Sewing …

… after my relaxing vacation things are going slowly. We will be attending our largest trade show in 2 weeks and and everybody is frantic and nothing is finished yet. Last week I worked for 14 hours 3 days in a row, proofreading our catalogue. And it wasn’t finished on the weekend so I kept reading and didn’t finish my black pants. I’ll need them for the show, but there’s still next weekend.

At least I re-measured my favorite pants pattern from the German pattern magazine Sabrina woman. I made a lot of pants with this pattern and the fitting results were, well, mixed up to now. I found out that I need 14 cm more crotch lenght – this explains a few of the strange results I had.

In the past I have just been cutting and sewing things and kept complaining about bad fit – silly, I know. Since a few months I am measuring before cutting and making alterations according to Nancy Ziemans book “Pattern Fitting with Confidence” which I can highly recommend – works great for me and I have produced not a single “accident” since then.

So, following Nancy’s instructions I made part of the alterations at the waistline (center front and back) and the rest at the crotch and this is, how my pattern looks now (black = original cutting line, red = new cutting line).

That’s a lot, isn’t it? I cut the pants yesterday evening and I am very curious how they will turn out. If everything fails, I still have a second piece of black fabric 😉 .


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