Me-Made-Monday No. 11

My latest work: Wrap cardigan from pink knit.

And “Funny Hair Day”, teehee: In Thailand I had my hair cut to chin length. Normally I roll it on foam curlers overnight and brush it out in the morning. Today, before brushing I pinned up the front part with 2 combs and just brushed the back part – just to try it. It looked kind of funny and I left it that way. I have a nest of curls on top of my head – sort of Lucille Ball-ish. For everday it is a bit too much I think – my colleagues are giving me strange looks, but they are used to my odd vintage looks, so who cares.

The cardigan I made this weekend from this wrap blouse pattern from Evadress.

Very cozy, but not too flattering as I now can see looking at the picture. Maybe I should make the bows from thinner fabric? Or maybe add more lace trim at the waist?

The cardigan doesn’t look too complex from the outside, but it has a secret life: I added a satin band to the waistline, to stabilize the seam which also serves to tie the underlying front piece in place. An the front seams got stretched a little bit when I did the hems and the lace trim, so I added a slightly stretched elastic band on the inside, to get them to lie close again.

The skirt is from my Me-Made Lanvin suit – a very versatile garment, everybody should have a great skirt.


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  1. Ola Rostant Says:

    Wonderful sweater, the color is very playful!

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