10 Facts About Me

… which you didn’t know but now are forced to find out 😉

This seems to be a trend in the blogging world and since I have been told that all bloggers are exhibitionists anyway, here we go:

1. I love to sew. Really? You’ve got to be kidding.

Ok, joking aside.

1a. I live in Germany and work in Switzerland. Between my home and the place where I work lie exactly 308 km of motorway. Therefore I am not at home during the week, I have a room in Switzerland and spend my lonely evenings sewing, playing on the ukulele and waching DVDs of films which men don’t like 😉 .

2. I work in a small Swiss company selling measuring and testing equipment for surface properties. My job is sales and cutomer consultancy and I have a lot of field time, so my car is my second office. I took some time to get used to this “unsteady life” of being away from home so much, but now I love my job because I have a nice boss, nice colleagues and even nicer cutomers.

3. I’m the singer of a band called “Lazy Lizards”. We do Blues and Jazz standards, sometimes also oldies and stuff from the latest charts if we like the songs. And since a few days I have also been officially appointed the ukulele player of the band since I am actually allowed to play along for a few easy songs.

4. I have two cats. You only ever see Miss Bifi appearing on the blog who is always hogging the spotlight but we also have a tomcat namded Susi (I know, I know). He isn’t appearing on the blog much since he is rather shy but I love him just as much. He is MY cat in the sense that he has chosen me as his personal slave, food provider and door opener and he misses me terribly when I am away. On weekends though I can hardly make a step without tripping over Susi.

5. I have been sewing for 8 years. I learned it as a teenager from my mum but my first efforts were … odd to say the least and I lost interest in sewing. I only started again when I became interested in the fashions of the 1930ies and 40ies, at first only because it is hard to find really cool original vintage stuff, but gradually I became completely hooked on sewing and now I cannot imagine NOT sewing.

What, only 5 items? Dear me, there are not as many facts about me as I thought … let’s stick to sewing for the rest 😉

6. Least favorite sewing activities: transferring patterns, cutting and transferring markings. If I were really rich I would hire my personal pattern transferrers and cutters.

7. Favorite acitivities: planning of new garmens and the actual sewing, that is, putting together the pattern pieces.

8. My sewing machings. Yes I have a lot.

My everyday machine: Toyota ESG 225

Serger: Toyota SL 3487

My “large” embroidery machine: Brother Galaxy Disney … I really don’t know how it is called exactly because I bought it as a used machine. It is an embroidery/sewing machine with a 13 x 18 cm embroidery area.

My Swiss sewing machine: Brother Super Galaxie, an older embroidery/sewing combo machine, very sturdy and realiable with a 10 by 10 cm embroidery area

Swiss serger: Privileg Overlock 454D –

My toy: UK-made Singer Featherweight from the 1950ies

And the most recent acquisition, which has not even arrived yet:  a battery operated toy sewing machine REGINA. I bought it for 6 Euro on ebay last Sunday. It is completely useless but it is pink. 🙂 I’ll show you pictures some day soon.

9. Last year I took a class with Claire Shaeffer in Palm Springs, California: „Couture Tailoring Details“ And I have booked another class about making Chanel jackets which will be held coming June. I learned so much last year, I came home with ideas and new things to try to last me for the next 10 years. Claire hinted that she will probably retire soon so I decided to taken another class as soon as possible. She’s a great teacher and has a vast collection of couture garments which she allows her students to inspect in detail and I am looking forward to the workshop very much.

10. My favorite sewing books:

* Couture Sewing Techniques by Claire Shaeffer
* The Complete Book of Sewing Shortcuts by Claire Shaeffer
* Pattern Fitting with Confidence by Nancy Zieman

And the best book on sewing in German is in my opinion this one (out of print unfortunately):

* Alles selbst genäht. Das praktische Handbuch für jede Frau.


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