Me-Made Easter Monday

Over the long and wonderfully sunny easter weekend I finally found some time to take up sewing again. About time, since I started to develop withdrawal symptoms already. Last week I had fantasies about a poison-green outfit (does the expression “poison-green” even exist? That’s how we call the colour in German). And I finally created an outfit to go with my green/white Miss L.Fire-Shoes. I’ve been dying to wear them for some time but just hadn’t anything in my closet to match.

The blouse is (again) Smooth Sailing by Wearing History. After my initial fitting issues are resolved I am totally in love with this pattern, it’s so versatile and results in nice little blouses.

The skirt is Burda pattern No. 105 from the mag  10/2010, and it is made of an old curtain. As if I hadn’t enough of a fabric stash lying around! This curtain has originally been bought from IKEA some 20 years ago and has ever since been hiding the chaotic contents of a large glass cabinet from curious eyes. A few weeks ago I replaced it with a new lace curtain because I wanted something more vintage looking. I thought I’d discard the old curtain, since it became rather yellow over time, however, since I had to decolour a few pieces of laundry anyway, I just threw it in the washing machine together with the rest and it came out a brilliant white. Since I did not have any other firm but not too thick white fabric it got upgraded to a new summer skirt. Woah, how green I am! I will not tell you how long it took me to figure out how to cut out the pieces to get the stripes to join chevron-style on the center front and back. Sometimes I’m really just going blank, duh.

I really like this outfit and it’s comfortable to wear. To make it 100% perfect, it needs a green belt which I will be making pretty soon as I still have 4 m of nice poison-green flanell wool which are destined for a sporty suit and there will surely be a scrap left for a belt.


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  1. Fru Björn Says:

    The shoes are just lovely! And the whole outfit perfect!

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