Intercultural (or transcontinental) perception

Is there a difference in the tastes of Americans and Europeans?

I often read in American blogs that the patterns of Burda Style are so much more stylish and have “continental chic” whereas German bloggers tend to find them dowdy, boring and endlessly repeating.

On the other side, the Americans are often criticizing the Big 3 patterns as boring, not stylish enough and repeating while in German blogs and forums people are craving the Vogue patterns for their elegance.

Why is that so? I think, that the reason is not really the patterns per se but a different point of view or a different taste in style. On the other hand, one should assume that a German pattern magazine would meet the European tastes better than an American pattern company, so it may also be the thrill of the exotic or the international flavor.

To be honest, I can comprehend neither opinion. Neither the Burda patterns nor those of other companies are more stylish as a whole. Burda Style has it’s moments but also has a lot of the same old stuff which we have seen gazillion times over the years and so do the BMV patterns.  The more sewing experience I gather, the less patterns I reall “need” or even crave. I tend more and more to using my TNT basic patterns and add fancy details and if you look closely at all the patterns out there you will see that 80 percent of them do the same thing.


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