Still knitting

Or rather: ONLY knitting, because I haven’t sewn a stitch on the weekend. One of my cats has been diagnosed with epilepsy which is a reason to worry in itself. But on top of that he disappeared upon return from the vet last Tuesday and hasn’t returned since. Yes, he’s done that before, yes, he always returned and yes he’ll probably not die alone and abandoned but still I am sick with worry and don’t have the nerve to do any sewing. So I spent my weekend sitting around, talking with DH, watching TV and drinking lots of coffee. Those activities left my hands free for knitting and so I did. The front and back pieces of my Briar Rose are finished and the sleeves have been cast on.

I rinsed the back piece carefully with a little wool detergent and blotted it between towels. I drew a pattern for the back on tranparent foil which I pinned to my blocking board (wrong side up to protect my knitting from the Sharpie traces). I then pinned the moist back piece to the blocking board along the contours of the pattern piece and left it to dry. Since I am away at work until Thursday evening it will have ample time to get in shape before I remove the pins.

I already observed when washing the stitch gauge that the fabric gets softer after washing which gives me hope that the finished sweater will not be scratchy when worn.

It looks too short, somehow. I measured several times and it IS the length I wanted it to be but I am still sceptical. I often have this sort of panic attack when sewing as well: I am convinced that the garment will be too small until I make the buttonholes and attach the buttons. In the end it is always fitting, but I still fret a lot.

I also fret about how I am going to look in a this really VERY fitted sweater, since it will probably show off all my little (or not so little) problem zones nicely. Well, we’ll see, but I’d best be getting out my best foundation garments for this one.

I am really proud that I have come this far already, when I started the sweater I was thinking in terms of months but now it looks like I’ll finish it in weeks instead.


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