Knitting, knitting, knitting

Are you getting bored already with my posts about knitting? Don’t worry there will be something about sewing sometime soon, but since I am obsessed with my Briar Rose project at the moment, I am going on (and on) about knitting.

Both sleeve of the Briar Rose are finished up to the beginning of the sleeve caps and now I need to do the mathematic trick – calculate the sleeve caps. I didn’t work out Tashas post on that until the very end but from what I saw I’ll need the theorem of Pythagoras.

O dear, Couturette und mathematics – this is NOT a match made in heaven.

Yesterday evening I knit the little chevron pocket, isn’t it cute?

I didn’t do any calculations here, I compared my gauge to that of the instructions and roughly assumed I’d be ok with casting on 4 stitches more and so I was. It’s going to get a row of double crochets around the sides and the size will be just perfect.

Then I was browsing through my knitting patterns for inspiration for the blue red and white yarn that I selected for my next knitting project and I came up with this.

Blue-red-white garments with “V”-patterns were quite the fashion in the 40ies in the UK and US – “V” for victory combined with the national colors to show off your patriotism. But never mind the symbolism (I’m German anyway, so what would that signify …), I just love blue, red and white as a color combination and I like the V-design. If the Briar Rose sweater will be fitting well, I can use the same measure and simple have to adapt to the different gauge.


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