Briar Rose – almost there

Phew, I’m lagging shamefully behind in blogging – knitting and sewing like crazy and no time to write about it.

Yes I have been knitting obsessively those last days. All the big parts of the Briar Rose are finished, only the collar is missing. Since all parts are already blocked, I couldn’t resist tempatation to sew them together and try on my sweater-to-be.

This is, how my little darling looks at the moment:

Whew, it looks very “bombshell-y” on the picture, but I guess it’s just the perspective, I doesn’t look that extreme in reality.

Result: the fit is very good even though, as I already assumed, it is a little bit on the short side. Not so short that it would be worth the effort to remove the welt an knit another inch or two, though. But the next one is definitely going to be 2 inches longer. The shoulders are a tiny little bit too wide, but I have not sewn in the shoulder pads yet, this is surely going to make a difference.

Surprisingly the sweater is not as tight as I had assumed it would be. I knitted with zero ease exactly to my body measurements. But the knit fabric is very stretchy and the sweater fits just perfect. Not too loose and not  too snug. But now I understand why people would knit with negative ease, if you want a really snug sweater, you have to make it smaller. I am not a big fan of wearing too tight clothers, so for me zero ease is fine.

The pocket: no it will not stay on like this. It’s too large, I sewed it on lopsidedly and I have decided to make a new one. On the Flickr group, Tasha recommended to make it with needles one size smaller and this is what I’ll do. On top of that I learned that Americans and Brits/Australians have different name for crochet stitches. A British double crochet is an American single crochet. Duh. I am lucky I found this out with such a small piece as the pocket, no? Would have been a real bother if I tried to crochet a sweater 🙂  Anyhow, the Briar Rose pattern is from Australia, so the edge of the pocket is supposed to be made from British double crochets/American single crochets.

I can’t wait to wear my Briar Rose. It is soooo soft and cozy, the wool turned out great after rinsing and blocking.


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