Finished – not quite

Here I was so proud of myself when I made the last stitches on my Briar Rose sweater. My first handknit sweater since a long time. Of course I had to wear it right away and it turned out that it is too short. As long as I don’t move it’s ok and it looks very nice.

But as soon as I move, it slides upwards and my not so displayable belly is on display.

No, that won’t do. I know myself well enough to know that I am never going to wear the sweater like that and it would be shame to have put in that much work and then hide it in the closed, so I decided to put in a little more effort to make it wearable.

I ripped the side seams up to the sleeves and unravelled the ribbing. Have you ever cut into a handknit piece with a pair of scissors? Traumatic!

My Briar Rose is back on needles and gets 2.5 more inches of stockinette stitch before re-knitting the ribbing.

Sigh. But on the positive side this is all part of the learning curve for the next sweater.


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