Ingrid, Darmstadt, Germany

My name is Ingrid and I live in Germany. I’m an obsessive hobby sewist with a weakness for the 30ies and 40ies.

Acutally, this weekness for vintage fashion was what caused me to take up sewing in the first place. I always loved the fashions of the 1930ies and 1940s and I wanted to wear those gorgeous outfits! Since I am a plus sized girl it is hard to find original stuff, at least here i Germany. Most of the stuff you geht ist either too small or black. And while black is an ok colour and I like wearing it, I also want to have other colours. So the only viable solution seemed to be taking up sewing.

Bravely and in complete ignorance of my non existan sewing abilites I started my first project: A suit with Plus Fours. 2 weeks later I brought the whole mess to the local dressmaker and enrolled in a sewing class. And gradually the strange baggy pieces of fabric I was producing became wearable garments and I grew more confident with my skills.

And this is, how it all started …

This is the very first vintage pattern magazine I bought at ebay – for a horrendous amount of money. It’s a German magazine from 1931 and most of the patterns are size 6 or smaller, but it was a beginning to get a feeling for the vintage stuff. In the meantime my taste has moved more towards the 40ies, but I still treasure thisbeautiful magazine.

This was some 8 years ago. Meanwhile my “hobby” has become an obsession. Especially the collection of fabrics, patterns and notions has gotten slightly out of hand but as long as there is still space in the sewing room, I’m fine. There is nothing like the feeling to have created a beautiful piece of clothing with your own hands.


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