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This is the end …

May 30, 2013

… of this blog. Acutally I have stopped posting here a long time ago, so I assume there will not be many people still reading this but to make it official I need some sort of closure here 🙂

I have a Blog in German where I am posting regularly and it was just too much to keep up two blogs at a  time.

I am still posting Scans of my vintage sewing magazines there and I will also start to add English summaries to my posts. So in the unlikely case that anybody is still following this sadly neglected blog: come over and see me here


AN: I have turned off the comments for this blog since it got flooded with Spam.


I take a break

March 25, 2011

We have a large trade show coming up next week and I won’t have any time for anything, blogging included. Except Fashion Friday of course, I have already pre-produced a few of them, so check in on Friday for some eye candy.

So cute

March 17, 2011

Lookie, what I found in the WorldWide Wonderland:

Isn’t that adorable? And here’s a tutorial: The Wind and the Sail

The most beautiful girl in all of Thailand …

March 14, 2011

… I had the pleasure to meet personally last week in the Sriracha Tiger Zoo.

This gorgeous tigress was posing for pictures with tourists. I was  debating with myself for a long time whether it would be morally ok, because the animal gets tied down with a very short chain for the pictures and I was watching the proceedings for quite a while before deciding to do it. In the end I gave in to temptation – when do you ever get a chance to scratch a big cat behind the ears?

She’s only chained for the 5 or 6 minutes it takes to take the picture  and every tiger is only “on duty” for 2 hours maximum per day, so I decided it would be ok. Shortly before this picture was taken, the lady was lying on her back, her paws in the air and as far as I know cats they don’t do this when they don’t feel ok.

The Sriracha Zoo has more than 300 Bengal Tigers which are kept and bred under very good conditions. The animals are procreating happily which I also interpret as a sign that they are happy. Sadly, tigers are an endangered species and Sriracha’s breeding success is hopefully a contribution to keep these beautiful animals around for a little longer. Many zoos from all over the world purchase tigers in Sriracha and they use the money to maintain and expand the zoo.

Our visit to the tiger zoo was the absolute highlight of this vacation for me. Tigers are just the most beautiful animals on earth – I could watch them for hours. And to see so  many at a time – fantastic! Luckily my dear Prince Charming is also a cat fanatic otherwise he would have spent a very boring day.

And of course I absolutely wanted to take home this little cutie … I had to sit down for a few minutes with tears in my eyes afterwards just because something so beautiful exists and I had the great luck to experience it. The little one was purring all the time and he was VERY greedy (doesn’t this seem familiar somehow?)

I didn’t really want to give him up, but of course I had to. Our two mini-tigers at home would certainly have objected if I brought them a new “friend”.

BTW I did not cut my hair short, it’s just pinned up because of the heat. And the same heat also destroyed my make-up every day. No matter how much stuff you put on your face, after half an hour everything is just melting away. In the end I just stopped bothering … nobody knows me in Thailand anyway 😉 .

What else can I tell you of Thailand? Not much, admittedly as we were veeeery lazy.

We stayed in the most notorious location: in Pattaya. And all I can say is, what the media tell you is not true. Yes, there are bars, yes, there are nightclubs. But all of this we have in Germany as well and worse because it comes in a package with criminals and drug abuse, which is not the case in Thailand.

We did go to the notorious “walking street” at nighttime – this is, where the best live bands are playing. And, honestly it’s just a big party, that’s all. You can move around safely, even as a single woman.

We had a wonderful, quiet hotel in the north of Pattaya, we met wonderful people, we listened to excellent live music (a disappearing art in Germany), we enjoyed fantastic food and had a good time all around.

On top of that we enjoyed a few relaxing spa treatments, went shopping at very reasonable prices (a few yards of silk among other things, yippie) and did … well … a lot of nothing for quite a long time. It was just perfect.

Next time I am going to do some serious sightseeing and all that stuff, honestly. But everyone is entitled to a little bit of lazyness every now and then, no?

Aloha ‘Oe

February 23, 2011

On top of sewing bags I did another fun thing at the weekend that was completely unrelated to sewing: I am finally learning to play the Ukulele.

We have a Ukulele hanging on our living room wall for a few years now as my dear Inhouse Prince is collecting musical instruments. I always thought it would be sooo cool if I could play it but somehow I never really got started. On the weekend the guitarplayer of our band and his wife came over for dinner and after some wine .. ok a lot of wine … I announced that I want to learn to play the Ukulele. He immediately took it down and tuned it for me, so I’m all set and have no more excuses now!

Sunday I looked up the chords on the internet and it’s really easy to strum a few chords  and so much fun! And the tiny little instrument doesn’t take up much space so I can take it with me every week to Switzerland, where I work from Monday to Thursday. No my lonely Swiss nights will be filled with Hawaiian music, isn’t it cool?

E pili mau nā pōmaikaʻi me ʻoe!


Blog News 2011

January 4, 2011

Happy NewYear to everybody! Keep on Sewing!

For most people, a new year starts with some resolutions and the same goes for me: I will introduce 2 new categories to my blog:


Inspired by fellow bloggers like  Andrea of  “The New Vintage Wardrobe” who just presented her “DYI-December” and Mena of “The Sew Weekly” who made a new dress every week in2010 I mix the 2 concepts: Every Monday I am going to present a new selfmade garment for my growing vintage wardrobe. Monday is the perfect day as I am usually sewing on the weekend and I also couldn’t resist the alliteration.

Fashion Friday

Fridays you will be treated to selected scans from my vintage German pattern magazines from the 1930ies to 1950ies, with a few excursions in later periods from time to time. I had a wonderful time browsing in them over Christmas. There are so many beautiful details and inspiration in these magazines that I have decided to share them with you and scan all my magazines in the course of 2011, also for conservation purposes, because they don’t get better by frequent handling, so I’ll touch them one last time for the scans.

4 times per year I get special fashion editons of the Spanish “Hola” magazine with the latesyt fashion (Haute Couture and RTW) and selected pictures will feature in “Friday Fasion Specails”.

So be sure to check in on Fridays for some fashion goodies.



December 23, 2010

For something like 30 years I love you. You are my Swedish interior designer, you are my supplier of tea candles and you always offer a nice opportunity to spend some money on kitchen utensils I don’t really need.

And I like your furniture. Our house wouldn’t be the same without all those lovely Billy shelfs. And where would I store my fabric if it wasn’t for IVAR?

And here we go. What, dear IKEA did you do to good old IVAR who’s been  a constant companion in each and every space I lived in since my student days? What, I ask you? You discontinued the beautiful shelfs with galvanized metal rails and replaced them with some cheap plastic crap. IKEA, this is not good.

Yesterday I wanted to buy an IVAR shelf – no I am not enlarging my fabric storage, it is meant for the basement – and with horror I realized that the IVAR shelfs are now equipped with plastic railings instead of the metal ones. WTF?

I complained immediately. I know that the salespeople don’t make that kind of decisions and that it’s not their fault, but they are the only contact persons I had. Being in an IKEA in Switzerland (as opposed to German IKEAs) they were very polite and even got the store manager for me. He explained that they are doing this to maintain low prices.

Well, I guessed something like that. For years I have been observing the deterioration of the once beautiful BOMULL fabric which was perfect for making muslins and now has become so coarse and loosely woven that it’s just not useable any more. But it’s still 1 Euro / meter.

Supposedely people would not buy their products any more if the raised prices, or so the store manager told me.

Really? Will people stop buying cigarettes if the prices go up? Will people stop buying milk  if the prices go up? Will people stop using their cars if the gas prices rise?

It’s the same old topic over and over again: cheap is good. Would people really go to another furniture store and buy some crappy plywood shelf because IKEA is soooo expensive?

Dear IKEA, if I were you, I would think twice about where I want to position myself on the market. If I were you I would inform my customers that prices for raw material and labour have gone up worldwide and in order to KEEP UP THE QUALITY we have to raise the prices. If I were you, dearest IKEA, this would be what I want. I would want to sell consistent quality products to my long time customers and I would want the young designers working for me to make good quality products for my newer customers. If I were you I would show my customers a little more appreciation and wouldn’t sell the cheapest crap just to keep down the prices.

Well, IKEA, I am not you obviously. I am one of many and I don’t count that much. Somebody will buy your stuff, no matter what. In the end, it is your descision what you offer your customers and I bought your plastic IVAR anyway, so why the fuss?

But I am disappointed. And a little bit sad because sometimes I get the feeling that quality, values, manners are going down the drain.

Dart to Yoke

December 20, 2010

So here’s my theoretical consideration how to make a yoke instead of a dart at the back of my 40ies jeans. -The practical test will follow shortly.

To create the yoke piece, I cut the back pattern piece where I want the yoke seam to be on the finished pants. The upper part will be converted into the yoke piece.The largest part of the back dart is within the yoke piece, in the lower leg part is only a tiny little triangle of the dart left. I folded it away and ignored it.

Then I folded away the dart in the upper pattern piece and redrew the piece to round out the resulting pointy edge. entstehen.

The shape which has been formed by the dart in the original pattern has now moved to the side seams. If I lay out both pattern pieces so that they touch in the center of the leg, there are gaps on both sides, this is the width of the former dart which will dissappear in the rounded yoke seam.

Well, theoretically this should work. Let’s see how the practical test will turn out.

Mad Men-itis – it’s catching!

October 22, 2010

What’s new here in Germany, is long since established in the US, of course. “Mad Men” has been running for a while in the States and I get the impression that a vintage wave is rolling all over fashion. I spied quite a few allusions to the styles of the 50ies and 60ies when checking out the fall collections of the designers and the prices for 60ies patterns have gone up at e-bay.

Well “Mad Men” finally hit German free TV. I saw the first 2 episodes and  have to confess that I am infected. Not that I will switch to 60ies styles, I’m a 40ies girl and always will be, but there are a few stunning outfits in these 2 episodes of “Mad Men” which are really inspiring.  My “MAKE THIS – NOW!” bell is ringing loudly.

Look at Betty Drapers outfits:

This beautiful dress is only shown very briefly in the 2nd episode. It has a super-flared skirt and later she is wearing a tiny dark blue jacket over it, closed up to the neck so that only the bow of the dress is showing – adorable! I tried to get a screenshot out of the video file, but I am too dumb for that, sorry.

And this skirt and blouse combination is just gorgeous, isn’t it? What a waste to wear it in the kitchen!

I just love the skirt and I really, really, really want one of those flared things. Like now. Oh dear, and there are already two dress projects in the pipeline! I need more time!

BTW that’s the episode where Betty wants to go see a psychiatrist about her depression and her macho git beloved  husband Don tells her that psychiatrists are only for people who are unhappy. According to Don she has everything, so there’s no reason to be unhappy. Oh boy am I glad that I’m living today!

Old in – New out (OiNo)

October 15, 2010

I am in desperate of a wardrobe change. The following facts occured to me last weekend:

The following facts occured to me last weekend, when inspecting my closet:

1. My closet it full. Really full. Stuffed to the gills.

2. I never can figure out what to wear anyway.

3. I want to wear more skirts and dresses.

4. I want to gradually develop my own “Vintage Look”, moving away from the modern stuff.

5. More than half of the clothes I own do not fit me properly.

6. Even though I love vintage styles and have quite a lot of vintage stuff, I never managed to get a suitable everyday wardrobe with that certain vintage feeling to it.

So here’s the plan:

For at least the next six months I want to make only clothes with a vintage feel and look to them. For every newly made garment an old modern one out of my closet will be discarded, sold, donated.

Sounds good, sounds feasible. We’ll see.