The dawning of a new obsession

It’s all Tashas fault. If only she hadn’t launched the Briar Rose knit-along and if only she hadn’t posted such detailed and well written explanations about how to deal with a vintage knitting pattern, my life could still be peaceful.

But she just HAD to open a new can of worms, didn’t she? I stumbled over her blog only 5 or 6 weeks ago and got drawn into the Briar Rose knit-along. For years I have been saying “If only I had the patience to knit a sweater. There are so many fantastic vintage knitting patterns out there, so many ideas and possiblities, it would be just great to able to make somthing like that.”

Well, with the help of Tasha, I now can. I joined her knit-along and was really surprised how quickly my sweater progressed and how much fun it is to squeeze in a few rows of knitting whenever you do something where your hands are not occupied otherwise, like watchin TV, talking to people etc.

Knitting the Briar Rose put me in an emotional high about vintage knitting and even though is is not quite finished (but almost), I have cast on my next knitting project. It is going to be a summer cardigan titled “To set off your summer frocks” from“A Stitch in Time Vol. 1”, a great book which I only received a few days ago.

I’ll diverge a little bit from the original instructions and make it in moss stitch, my yarn is a firm, glossy cotton which looks beautiful in this stitch. And I chose the color to match my new summer dress, so I’ll have to knit pretty fast if I want to wear the combination THIS summer.


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  1. Tasha Says:

    Hee hee! I am pleased to be the catalyst for a wonderful new obsession. 😉

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