Paco Peralta Pattern – wow!

A few days ago I fell in love with the box pleated skirt pattern from Paco Peralta and bough it. At quite a sensible price I might add. I paid 12 Dollars and 4 Dollar shipping. Etsy charged me 9 Dollars for shipping, which I didn’t question in the slightest, but then I received an unexpected 5 Dollar refund from Paco because shipping within the EU is lower – very fair, I think.

The pattern arrived very quickly within a few days and now look at this:

The patterns is pencis-drawn by hand and labelled by hand in English and Spanish, how cool is that? And I even got an embroidered Paco Peralta label to sew into the finished garment.

I am very impressed and can’t wait to make the skirt.

Gracias Paco, estoy muy curiosa como la falda resultará 😉


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  1. paco peralta Says:

    You are welcome Ingrid…!!

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