Second Time’s The Charm

I did it! My very first handknit sweater since more than 20 years is finished, I am so proud of myself.

Sorry for the bad picture, I am not a very talented photgrapher.

Since the bodice of my first version was too short, I unravelled the ribbing and knit another 2.5 inches in stockinette top down, then redid the ribbing. To get an elastic edge, I used very large needles for casting off. My ribbing now is moderately stretchy, but nothing compared to the elasticity of a cast-on edge. It is sufficient to pull the sweater on comfortably though, and that’s all that counts.

Additionally, I re-sewed the side seams with a little seam allowance, for a snugger fit. I know that you don’t usually make seam allowances in fully fashioned knitwear, but the sweater was just too wide, so I improvised.

I learned a lot about knitting and fitting in this wonderful knit-along and the knitting virus has hit me big time. Thanks again, Tasha, for coaching us so masterfully throught this knitting experience.

And could there be a more perfect place to show off my vintage sweater than Palm Springs, CA? From the 1940ies onwards Palm Springs has been a favorite hideaway for movie celebrities – a stylish location for my stylish new sweater. Ok, it’s a little bit on the warm side for the desert, but temperatures today are only in the middle seventies, I’ll be ok.

The reason why I am in Palm Springs is a sewing class btw: later this week I’ll be learning how to sew a couture Chanel style jacket from the wonderful Claire Shaeffer – can’t wait to start.


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